Robotic automation has been present for years in industrial processes, but its evolution has recently accelerated, introducing a greater number of flexible systems and collaborative robots.

Top Automazioni has always had a great view of the markets and its future orientations, having now obtained the leadership position in the production of automatic bar feeders for CNC lathes, the next step in the world of industrial automation was almost taken for granted.

Embraced the Industry 4.0 philosophy since its very beginning, today available in all our products, after a series of successes it was the time to expand the range with robotic manipulation systems to meet the needs of all the different mechanical workshops, overtaking the limited circle of turning machines business.

Industrial robots: efficiency beyond the limits

Because of that, today Top Automazioni has expanded its offer introducing a new line of robots with collaborative functions, aimed at enslaving all CNC machines that require a constant supply of material to be transformed.

Our industrial robots can enhance the production of manufacturing companies, overcoming its own limits thanks to automation, thus increasing the production efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

Top Automazioni, as mentioned above, offers two types of collaborative robots designed to meet different needs.

3 STAND-ALONE Robots, easy to use, autonomous, reliable and intuitive and able to guarantee continuous and precise work for several hours:

  • ARM is equipped with a tower warehouse for non-stackable parts. It manages itself the loading / unloading of components (into and from the CNC machine) and can be configured with all numerical control machines such as lathes, machining centres, grinding, etc.
  • ROLLING is equipped with an integrated horizontal pallet recirculation warehouse for stackable pieces, which can also be easily connected to any numerically controlled machine. The CNC machine tending operations take place in a totally autonomous and fast way.
  • STONE is equipped with a revolving pallets’s storage for the loading / unloading of components. Can be coupled with all CNC machines such as lathes, machining centers, grinders, etc..

All these 3 solutions are equipped with an industrial robot arm capable of storing considerable quantities of parts similar to shafts or flanges, castings or logs. Industrial robots guarantee hours and hours of machining in an efficient and safe way, bringing benefits in terms of profitability beyond normal expectations.

Collaborative robots: what are they and in which industrial sectors can they be used?

Robots have been present in the industrial field for over ten years, despite this, there are still many doubts about their applications, as how many benefits they can really bring to manufacturers and how to insert them into the production process. These machines are easy to set up and adaptable to various work contexts, designed to guarantee high standards of quality and safety so operators can interact with the machines in a comfortable way.

Manufacturers of industrial robots have worked in order to meet the small and medium-sized companies’ needs which have to modify the production on a regular basis following the changing needs, thanks to their great flexibility, these robotic arms can be easily reprogrammed to adapt to the new function.

The companies that will benefit most from using robots with collaborative functions, in the production chain, belong to the following trades:

  • Food: industrial robots (especially those equipped with a robotic arm) are especially useful for handling food products, they can also be used in packaging and quality control operations.
  • Electronic: in this field, industrial robots are able to withstand the pace of work that the electronics industry requires, moreover, thanks to their precision, they are particularly suitable for carrying out tasks such as the assembly of pieces of any size and welding’s operations.
  • Mechanical processing: collaborative robots are perfect for this industry because of their ease and speed’s set-up process, moreover they can carry out work without interruptions, relieving operators from tiring and repetitive tasks.
  • Automotive: robotic systems have been part of this branch for years now: they are essential for this constantly evolving production and in order to guarantee increasing quality and quantity.
  • Plastic: The robotic solutions inserted in this area have helped the production’s development greatly, they can carry out precision tasks at a constant pace, are often used as a servo machine.
  • Scientific and Pharmaceutical Chemist: Collaborative robots are perfect for working in sterile environments, handling delicate materials and performing reliable tests.

How the robotic system can help your company?

To respond to an ever-increasing demand for goods, with a downward bidding war, companies need to implement collaborative robotics in the production flow.

The use of a flexible robotic cell in the production process brings the company several advantages, including:

  • Increased productivity: industrial robots guarantee continuous cycle processing with no interruptions or downtime, therefor increasing production.
  • Wide operational flexibility: the continuous changes in market demands make frequent and rapid adjustments in the production chain a mandatory; thanks to the great flexibility of collaborative robots, they can be used for different tasks and can be quickly programmed for several activity.
  • Quick return on investment: the increase in productivity combined with savings time and resources ensures that the company’s profit grows rapidly, recouping the costs for the robotic solution in a short time.
  • Improvement of working conditions: one of the main purposes of industrial automation is to relieve operators from tiring and repetitive work, providing them with the opportunity to grow professionally and qualify to perform new tasks that require greater responsibility and more specific knowledge.

What to consider while choosing an Industrial Robot?

Established that the road to industrial automation and robotization is the best solution to increase the company’s competitiveness, all is left to understand is how to choose the industrial robot arm that best suits your needs.

Among all the aspects, it’s necessary to take into account what is the job that the robot will have to carry out and the characteristics materials that it will have to interface, moreover it is essential to consider the size of the area. Other matters to mind while choosing a robot are the budget available and the estimated delivery times.

A main aspect to consider while choosing the collaborative robot concerns the system integrator.

Unlike the classic retailer the system integrator is not limited to supplying the machine tools, but will provide a full introduction, customization, coaching and assistance service.

Relying on a system integrator means increasing the value of a machine tools, exploiting all its features and potential.


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