HIGH SINGLE LEVEL, has a single loading plane of 300mm positioned at guide channel height that is automatically adjusted to the process bar diameter by PLC. To guarantee operator safety, the high single level is protected by the front loader door which, when opened by means of a safety hinge, inhibits dangerous movements. MULTI-LEVEL 3 LEVELS, has 3 300mm load levels positioned one above the other from ground to channel height and are managed by a micro switch to detect the bar and determine any empty levels. The bar diameter is adjusted manually by the operator using a micro metric screw. To guarantee operator safety, the multi-level 3-level is protected by barriers which, if interrupted, inhibit dangerous load lifter movements leaving the bar loading area free and accessible to the operator. LOW SINGLE LEVEL comes in three versions of 300-500-700mm load floor capacity positioned at a height between 500mm and 900mm from the ground according to the channel height. The single level is managed by a micro switch to detect the bar, bar diameter is adjusted manually by the operator through a micro metric screw. To guarantee operator safety, the low single level is protected by barriers which, if interrupted, inhibit the dangerous load lifter movements leaving the bar loading area free and accessible to the operator.   BUNDLE, has a load capacity of 2000Kg and a bar storage area of ​​400x400mm. It allows you to load the bundle of bars that comes from the ironworks then, through the motorised polyurethane belts, separate the bars individually to feed the loader. The bar diameter is adjusted manually by the operator through a micro metric screw, it is a system suitable for large mass production. To guarantee operator safety, the bundle is protected by barriers which, if interrupted, inhibit dangerous load lifter and motorised belt movements leaving the bar loading area free and accessible to the operator.


XFILES-S loader management is entrusted to a PLC touch-screen, which interacts with a Brushless motor and with digital solenoid valves, to regulate feed speed, thrust force and all the automations. In fact, it is possible to reprogram the diameter to be processed in just 60 seconds from the PLC.

XFILES-S can be equipped with 3 different types of lathe loader interfaces:

STANDARD TUBE: direct interface between loader and lathe, covered in polyurethane material of the maximum passage of the loader bar; EXTERNAL BUSHING D.20 MM: An auxiliary bushing to process small diameters can be applied to the loader upon customer request. The mechanism is automatically activated for all machined diameters less than 20mm and provides additional bar support between lathe and loader. ADJUSTABLE BUSHING: an mmXmm bushing, automatically adjustable by PLC, can be applied upon customer request to support bars of various diameters between the lathe and loader, to stabilise bar rotation in those lathes that have a spindle line inside the lathe body.


While not requiring the use of reducers in the spindle, in order to intervene on the back of the lathe, the loader is equipped with a drive system that makes axial (600 mm) or radial (500mm) movement possible as required by the customer.


XFILES-S has an entirely adjustable mm X mm bar guide channel, through the PLC keyboard (Top Automazioni Patent). The guide channel is made of Vulkollan plastic material, in which the bars rotate in an oil bath.


For customers who need to work large quantities of hexagonal bars, it is possible to mount the special hexagon bushing, which guarantees an even firmer grip, thanks to the precise round section on the diameter of the hexagon.


XFILES-S has two types of segment management: 1) Back extraction performed by means of a self-centring extractor, which allows the piece inside the magazine to be extracted and expelled into the special recovery tank.
 This type of extraction does not require any adjustment and setting as the extractor is self-centring and allows for a standard piece of maximum 320mm to be extracted. 2) Front ejection performed by ejecting the segment from the front of the lathe clamp, pushing the segment to be unloaded with the load of the new bar in the lathe clamp. It is used to work bars of maximum diameter with respect to the lathe spindle turn buckle as there would be no space to grasp the bar with the elastic clamp on the outside of the diameter.


XFILES-S has a retractable lance that allows you to maintain reduced measurements on the total length of the loader by hooking it to the cover during bar change. The lance has a front rotor where the elastic bar clamp is mounted and allows rotation at the same rpm as the lathe spindle. Its length houses rotary brass bushings that allow it not to seize inside the lathe spindle


XFILES-S includes an electrical system entirely designed and assembled in Top Automazioni with high quality brands such as: Phoenix, Eaton, Esa, Siboni TOP AUTOMAZIONI includes any interface required by the lathe on its loaders wired to the specifications of the lathe manufacturers such as: 24-pole interface, profibus interface, ethercat interface, modular multipolar interface.


XFILES-S has a segment unloader on the back of the magazine where they are collected in a 200x200x850 tank.


For guide channel lubrication, XFILES-S includes a gear pump with a capacity of 20 litres connected to a 90 micron filter that cleans the oil before putting it into circulation in the hydraulic system. The filter is easily reachable to perform periodic cleaning, which is indicated by a vacuum gauge indicator.

XFILES-S is an automatic loader suitable for fixed head lathes, it can work bars up to 100mm in diameter and is available in different length versions from 2000-3000-4000-6000 mm.

XFILES-S is an extremely simple automatic loader that does not require tooling but self-adjusts in 60 seconds setting the parameters of the bar worked on the PLC. All this is possible thanks to a top Automazioni patent that allows the rests, positioned every 300mm along the entire loader guide channel, to self-adjust to a single mm from the diameter of the bar to be machined.

This system reduces set-up times and provides greater bar rotation stability than a traditional loader as it is supported on more points than the lathe clamp and loader.

XFILES-S is an innovative and versatile loader suitable to support the rotating bar at high working revolutions.

XFILES-S comes with different bar loading magazine version such as the high-multi-level 3 levels – low single level – bundle to meet all customer needs.

Bar diameter range
Min. Ø 10mm - Max. Ø 100mm Min. Ø 0,4" - Max. Ø 3,93"
Operating voltage
230 V Trifase 50 Hz Three Phase
Feeding speed
0 - 627 mm/sec. 0 - 24,70"/sec.
Guide channel lubricant
ISO VG 100
Required air pressure
8 bar
2.200 Kg - 2.500 Kg 4.950 - 5.512 lb
Maximum bar lenght
2100mm-3200mm - 4100mm-6100mm 6.90 ft-10.50 ft - 13.45 ft-20.01 ft