No, because the Top Automazioni patented loaders have an intelligent automatic guide channel adjustment system which avoids any human intervention or replacement of any equipment.
No, because the Top A. patented magazines do not require the lance to be replaced, therefore we will always have the maximum lance and spindle tube cohesion whatever the diameter worked.
No, the Top A. patented magazines must never be moved from their seat as no mechanical intervention is necessary, regardless of the type/diameter of bar being machined.
Absolutely yes, the patented Top A. magazines adapt to the variation of the machined geometry, guaranteeing maximum turning performance.
The Top A. patented loaders can be equipped with accessories such as an extra bushing or Top patented centering device which act as an additional support element for the bar, precisely controlling its rotation and avoiding the triggering of vibrations.
Mechanically connected, with pneumatic quick clutch. This minimizes the delay in actuating the axis, ensuring maximum control of the bar throughout the turning cycle.
In its uniqueness, it represents an indispensable accessory in the case of GBL machining, or without a front bush, constituting an important support where, due to its construction, the hybrid headstock encounters difficulties with vibrations.
Up to 1,200mm in single-level warehouses, 1,600mm in other cases. Other accessories are available to modify these values ​​in case of particular needs.
In two modes programmable by PLC, with front ejection or extraction. A rear drawer (front on request) collects the retracted pieces automatically. The minimum lengths depend on the lathe equipment. The maximum length varies according to the loader model.