The history of TOP Automazioni, as we know it today, is quite recent.

We are not the “oldest” italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing of automatic bar feeders. But we are proud of being unique in the world, thanks to the innovation of our products achieved by years of work and research. But how have we arrived up to here? Till the point of being awarded as the “most innovative company in Italy” in 2005?

Our journey began long time ago, in the 70s, we were just a small subcontracting company, named Torneria Automatica Bargellini. We would work for third parties: the workshop had several automatic lathes and the workers pushed hard to best meet the needs of the customers.

However, day by day we were realizing that the market’s conditions were changing.

The business’ pace was accelerating progressively: delivery time was getting shorter and orders bigger. In that environment the workloads began to be unbearable, due to the increasing requirements of faster mechanical execution and further raised quality level.

It was the perfect time to find a solution that could accelerate delivery times, lighten the workloads and ensure an excellent service.

The company had already designed, prior to the automatic loader, another product for its internal needs: a special spindle for drills. But this time it was different, we realized we had into our hands something that would have revolutionized the way the turning operators

commonly operated. The system we developed had a totally innovative way of conceiving the work of the loader: it automatically adjusted the bar feeder to the bar stock diameter just by operating on the PLC, canceling the change-over time. So much fast that it was not believed real.

From that time and for the following years, our automatic bar feeders have been fine-tuned. In the conventional bar feeders operations, the time spent to adjust to different diameters took hours, while with our bar feeders it was possible to do an even better job in only 1 minute.

In the year 2000, a system born to solve a specific need within the workshop therefore assumes such importance to lead to the establishment of the TOP Automazioni company. The project is wider developed and in some years the bar feeders become 100% automatic. In 2001 the innovative system is finally patented. It is a new way of understanding the bar feeders for CNC lathes, which soon finds fertile ground abroad: in 2003 our products successfully reached the American market, when they were already distributed in many European countries.

Our success key? In addition to the cost of the machine, workshops that purchase traditional bar feeders normally have to incur extra costs for additional accessories (for example guide channel, bushings, spindle reductions and pushers) to adapt to the whole workable bar diameters. On the contrary, the Top Automazioni bar feeders, thanks to their technology, do not require any further equipment, as they are precisely set to the different bar stock size by the PLC input.

In the year 2020, the ARM and ROLLING production lines and the latest addition (launched in 2022) STONE, the latest challenges from Top Automazioni, found their place in the 21.000 square meters of the new manufacturing plant (settled in the year 2018).

ARM, ROLLING and STONE, are Top Automazioni’s universal robotic solutions with integrated storage, for loading/unloading components, configurable with all CNC machines such as lathes, machining centers, grinders, etc. Capable of storing considerable amount of parts similar to shafts or flanges, castings or logs, they guarantee many hours of processing with efficienc and on time, with advantages in terms of profitability beyond normal expectations.

The mix of decades of experience in mechanical processing combined with the knowledge of the most innovative electromechanical technologies, partnerships with international companies such as Fanuc and Schunk, and high-value collaborations with local companies, have allowed the birth of a project that is bringing unexpected results.

Our goal has always been to allow our customers to increase their profits by reducing unproductive times, thanks to our intense and constant research in the field of automation.



STONE is born, the robotic solution with warehouse on a revolving pallet.


Introduction of Arm and Rolling, loading & unloading robotics modules


The Infnity bar loader for swiss type lathes becomes reality!!!


Top Automazioni builds the new factory of 20.000 sqm and starts the 4.0 Lean Production project.


Top Automazioni overtakes 1.000 units produced per year.


The value of export revenues amounts approx. half of the total earning.


Top Automazioni becomes market leader in Italy


Top Automazioni is rewarded “Most Innovative company in Italy” by UNIONCAMERE.


Top Automazioni patents the innovative bar feeder adjustment system with the “zero time” change-over.


Mr Bruno and his wife Mrs Valeria set up Top Automazioni s.r.l.


The production of Star model starts.


Bargellini Co. designs the first hydraulic bar feeder.


Torneria Automatica Bargellini borns: a machining subcontracting co.