Top Automations through the eyes of a very young researcher: Alessandra Bartoli

“What struck me immediately about TOP Automazioni was the avant-garde nature of its infrastructures, a modern, functional and impressive building.
But the company’s modernity does not stop on the outside and goes beyond its walls, landing in the social sphere as well.

During my third year at the University, alongside my Rapporteur, Prof. Maria Gabriella Baldarelli, we had the opportunity to notice the company’s approach, which had prepared a Social Report despite not being legally required to do it.
This was a novel approach that prompted me to elaborate my thesis on TOP Automations.

What deserves attention within the company’s Social Report are the employees, divided by region, where the commitment to maintain roots in Emilia Romagna emerges, so as to give support to their home region.
It is certainly encouraging to note the age ranges of the employees, with a majority of young and qualified personnel, thus delineating in TOP Automazioni an environment open to new working generations.
Finally, one of the cornerstones of my analysis was the “Benefits” that the company offers its employees, such as the company gym, fuel vouchers, and the company canteen, all completely free of charge.

The interview with Bruno Bargellini, the company’s founder, and Nicola Bargellini, Technical Production Manager, gave me a deep insight into the true idea of genuine entrepreneurship.

TOP AUTOMAZIONI is a family, and this is precisely the added value that makes it what it is today.

I am infinitely grateful to the Bargellini Family for giving me this opportunity so that I can talk about the company inside UniBo classrooms as well.”