When work is based on Ethics… “TOP” emerges!

Our company was one of the first to participate in the Italian ETICHJOBS startup initiative, making sure that the main aspects of our workplace were evaluated: climate and relationships, benefits, workload balance/privacy, safety and adequacy of spaces and tools, person.

The result was really interesting and revealed – directly from out employees – that you feel at home in Top Automazioni.

The ambience is that of a large family, we are spoiled and pampered: bright and well-kept rooms, music, gym, indoor canteen, outdoor garden with lots of greenery, fresh sorbet in summer and hot herbal teas in winter, a family-run business which, however, enters the market of medium-large companies, always available for listening and comparison. All this and much more is what in Top Automazioni makes each of us feel in our comfortable environment.
A family that cares about their company, but even more so for its employees!