INFINITY: the loader of the future

Top Automazioni‘s latest creation is called “Infinity” and it’s chock-full of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness: the new machine for sliding heads is equipped with a settings and adjustment system via PLC that allows you to adjust the support bushings to the rotating bar.

This system, reducing vibrations and guaranteeing higher stability, allows machine tools to achieve maximum performance while significantly reducing processing time.

The bar change procedure was upgraded and improved from 50 to 25 seconds; this is how it was possible to speed up the entire feed axis (2 tenths of a second speed between clamp opening and closing).

What makes “Infinity” unique is the availability of various magazines such as, for example, the “jog” or “multi-level“, which allow both smaller (diameter 3) and larger bars, up to diameter 45, to be processed.

Attentive to the look, even the design was carefully planned and the result is an attractive yet functional machine: “Infinity’s” dimensions are compact to avoid interferences between the loader and the sliding head lathes.

Infinity’s” extreme versatility also makes it compatible with an innovative and exclusive rotating bar centring system, the result of Top Automazioni engineering department research, the “rotating centring device” which, once installed on the sliding head carriage, supports the bar exiting the loader.