Automatic regulation of the guide channel

Why does TOP Automazioni solve the problem of placement times like no other in Italy?

Companies in the technical-industrial sector with the advance of technology require shorter processing times for series production. Speed, greater efficiency and precision, today they are always higher and necessary to survive.

Who is able to respond to these needs in the best possible way?

Not the low cost markets that offer mediocre products, of course.

Not even the market for semi-automatic products is a response to those who demand greater time savings and an exceptional high-precision product.

For this reason, TOP AUTOMAZIONI in 2001 has patented a unique system of its kind, which allows you to adjust the loader 100% automatically from a touchscreen PLC, greatly reducing placement times.

Thanks to the innovative system of our automatic loaders, since 2001 we can offer companies the most innovative technology on the market:

  • Diameter adjustment in less than 60 seconds
  • 100% automatic management via PLC touch screen
  • Self-regulation system patented in 2001 UNIQUE IN THE WORLD
  • Cost of additional equipment equal to ZERO

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