ARM & ROLLING: the New Robotic Line

Robotic automation has arrived into the industrial processes for years and has lately accelerated its evolution towards flexible and collaborative systems.

Top Automazioni has always had admirable visibility of the international markets and their future orientations, which has led it to reach the position of leaders in the production of automatic bar feeders.

The next step has arrived naturally.

Embraced the Industry 4.0 philosophy since its very beginning – today available in all our products -, it was the time to enlarge the range with robotic manipulation systems to meet the needs of all the different mechanical workshops, overtaking the limited circle of turning machines business.

Nowadays, Top Automazioni offers integrated solutions aimed at the feeding of all CNC machines that require a constant supply of material to be machined:

ARM and ROLLING: two STAND-ALONE robots, independent and precise, reliable and intuitive. They bring to the manufacturing companies all the advantages of automation together to very flexible and easy operation and usage.

ARM and ROLLING, are the universal robotic solutions of Top Automations with integrated warehouse for the loading/unloading of components, configurable with all numerically controlled machines such as lathes, machining centers, grinders, and others equipment.

ARM is equipped with a tower warehouse for non-stackable parts while ROLLING differs for its warehouse made of a series of pallets in-line for stackable parts.

Capable of storing relevant amount of parts (both shafts or flanges, die castings or trunks), they guarantee hours and hours of machining in an efficient and timely manner, with colossal advantages in terms of profitability and efficiency.

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